Vobes Show 1644

Jan 13

In today’s show I am wondering if we should go back to the times of surfdom. There seemed to be a stable ecconomy and every one knew their place. What do you think?

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Vobes Show 1643

Jan 12

Richard Vobes is back in the Beach Hut in Worthing and goes through the news stories of the day adding his thoughts and comments to them. Have a listen. Remember that you will need to become a full member of the Vobes Vault to get the complete audio. Check the links above or at www.vobes.com

Vobes Show 1642

Jan 10

This is a sample of Monday’s Show – get the full audio from the Vobes Vault.

If you want a good energetic climb and the reward of staggering views you couldn’t do much better than to clamber up the rising sides of Pontesford Hill and its bigger brother Earl’s Hill in the beautiful county of Shropshire.

Vobes Show 1641

Jan 07

More on the amazing story of Ted Williams who was a homeless guy on the streets and now has a flurry of job offers thanks to the viral nature of the Internet. Can anyone else make the Internet work so well for them I wonder? The Vobes Show is a paid for podcast by Richard Vobes and produced in a Beach Hut in Worthing, West Sussex in England. It cost time and money to produce the show on a daily basis and that is why I have had to put the show behind cosed doors in a Members Area. It is not expensive to join. Currently the cost is only £2 a month, but later this year it will rise as I move up a notch to include my Explorer video series. Check the links at www.Vobes.com for more information.

Vobes Show 1640

Jan 06

Its another romp through the news of the day with the Vobes in the Beach Hut in Worthing West Sussex, Check it out and see what is yanking his chain today! Remember you will need to become a member of the Vobes Vault to get the full audio, but there is a five minute snippet for your attention.