Richard Vobes Radio Show RV180

May 08

Richard Vobes Radio Show RV180

On 19th July 2005 the Richard Vobes Radio Show, a podcast started at the beginning of that reached it’s 180th show. (It went on to make 2000 shows) In a special show I was invited to visit the BBC at broadcasting house and take a tour with journalist Darren Waters, including a visit to the scene doc where I am the only podcaster, as far as I know, to have recorded a podcast from the real DR. Who Tardis!

All good fun. And blimey, what a daft show it was.

On the way to work

May 04

On the way to work

VBC1596 – Visit to Ironbrdge.

Jan 18

1592This is a re-run of a visit to Ironbridge in Shropshire with Harriet, originally podcast in November 2010. I thought you might like to hear it.

The Royal Tournament – Chapter 3

Jan 15

Groggins shows Splidge is special clothes.

Groggins shows Splidge is special clothes.

Splidge the Cragflinger – The Royal Tournament: Book 1 Chapter 3

Splidge ran home and told his mother that he had a job and was required to work for the King of Gud straightaway. He stuffed some clothes and the few home comforts he could find into a bag and explained that he needed to report to the Palace within the hour.

The Royal Tournament – Chapter 2

Jan 14

You don't look like a Cragflinger!

You don’t look like a Cragflinger!

Splidge the Cragflinger – The Royal Tournament by Richard Vobes – Chapter 2

Splidge had never been to the Palace before, but he could see it from his village. It wasn’t always visible. The City was often shrouded in a thick layer of smog. Rain made everything damp, so people stoked their fires to keep warm causing smoke to belch out of hundreds of red brick chimneys. The foggy atmosphere hung low and smothered the Guddian folk as they walked along the grimy streets.