The Bald Explorer – Teaser 5

Apr 19

Vobes Show 1693

Apr 19

Any one for Chickens? Listener Paul is making a hutch.  More emails and fun stuff. Also its my lovely daughter Georgie’s birthday!

Vobes Show 1692

Apr 18

Its the Monday Beer Show with Richard Vobes and Jimmy Hastell – more beer and more laughs. Hope you enjoy it as we start another week.

Vobes Show 1691

Apr 15

I am talking about Pilgrims, having your hand stuck and knowing your vegetables. Its another Vobes show. Don’t forget to check out the new Video teaser for the Bald Explorer at

Vobes Show 1690

Apr 14

A new graphic novel is out by Rob Huges that is really stunning. Have a look here: Also, Mark has been in touch about where our multi traditions have come from as well as an old pub that has closed down in his home town and I am looking at the news of the day that has some comedy value.

Vobes Show 1689

Apr 13

Today’s mad show is a bit silly with orange sheep and mad singing – remember to breathe through it. Also, news of the Bald Explorer – there is a second teaser video up now!

Vobes Show 1688

Apr 07

Is it possible to grow a new eye? Well, maybe there is hope for many that have lost their sight or are blind. Probably not me with my actual eye ball removed. Also, had a lovely walk yesterday and I have a new toaster. It’s the Thursday Vobes show.

Vobes Show 1687

Apr 06

Its another beer show with Jimmy and I. As well as a nice selction of beer we are testing a rum flavoured chocolate. Tune in to see what we make of them all.

Vobes Show 1686

Apr 05

Giles Babbidge and I are out for a walk to work up an appetite before heading for a pub lunch. Join us as we stroll around the delightful Rowland’s Castle district exploring the sites.

Vobes Show 1685

Apr 04

My oven door fell off at the weekend as I was cooking dinner and now I need a new cooker. Are you scared of getting old? What is there to look forward to with bits of the body falling off and stiffening up?