Vobes Show 1615

Nov 30

This is a Member’s Only Show.  Half of us believe that Aliens actually exist and most of these are men. We hear about the man who goes blind when he has sex. Should women serve on the front line in war or will they be seen as damsels in distress if they get shot at? Just some of the questions we ask in today’s Tuesday show. Also can the obese be bribed to walk?  And have you ever been hit by a golf ball?

Vobes Show 1614

Nov 29

There is a real Harry Potter grave and it has now become a shrine for fans of the fictional wizard yet it is actually a war heroes grave! Its Monday and I am back in a very cold beach hut recording the start of another weeks series of nonsense. Sorry if you have problems with the Members RSS feed. I shall look into that today. Enjoy the show!

Naked Englishman 933

Nov 28

This is a Member’s Only Show. Hand lotion and thoughts on my stand up gig recently.

Vobes Show 1613

Nov 28

This is a Member’s Only Show. It’s the Beer Show with Jimmy and I and we have a load of beer and non beer drinks to try as well as interesting cheeses to inspect. Plus, what has been going on in the news that we can spout about in our special way? Check out the Sunday Members Special and have a few laughs with us!

Vobes Show 1612

Nov 27

This is a Member’s Only Show.  Its the Saturday show and I am in the freezing cold. Last night I had some chestnuts on the open fire.  They were delicious. Also your emails and other fun stories!