Vobes Show 1632

Dec 27

Another madcap adventure with Richard Vobes in a Beach Hut in Worthing. Hope you like it.

Vobes Show 1631

Dec 25

Merry Christmas! Today’s show is FREE and is my gift to one and all. Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy the nonsense that I have recorded for you. Be good, stay safe and enjoy yourselves!

Vobes Show 1630

Dec 24

Its the Christmas Eve show and I am tryingt o sort out the fire in time for the big day. My mum is taking a train journey and encounters a few problems and a man throws himself off from a balcony to protest about the government cuts. Its all happening in the show. Have a Merry Christmas.

Vobes Show 1629

Dec 23

God, What God? Religious people may not want to listen to my show today. I just thought I would mention it. Cold? Yes I am, and you know why, its the firethat not working, but even if it was the council is dead against me getting warm thanks to their building regulations and fees they want – but don’t I pay my council taxes already? And your emails – thanks for them, all in the show today!

Vobes Show 1628

Dec 22

Here is a dilemma. Should you give your kids everything they wish for at Christmas time in order to give them the best and most memorial Christmas they have ever had? Its a thoughtful Vobes Show today, pondering on life’s confusing issues, nether the less I hope you enjoy it.