Vobes Show 1668

Feb 28

Harriet and I take a walk around Grinshill, its quarry and woodland and then make our way down to Clive which is a village riddled with tunnels underneath its surface.

Vobes Show 1667

Feb 25

The hadlow Tower is being repaired which will please the people of Hadlow. Listener Paul Stoneman has a few things to say about Cineworld and the drinking of beer.  James, Mr. Bloke, from Luton send a voice message and tells us aout how he was fleeced out of money and I waffle on in the normal way. I hope you enjoy the show.

Vobes Show 1666

Feb 24

Cineworld in Chichester let us down and kicked my family out of their cinemema. Also having internet connection problems in the show thanks to BT servicing the line during the night without warning.

Vobes Show 1665

Feb 23

Have you got a bad back? I have a solutions for you to keep it free from pain. Also, which mobile phone are you keen to own next? Should all men be prevented form being able to concieve? Which vegtables have more vitimins and how do you deal with clients that don’t know when to stop? Its all here in today’s show.

Vobes Show 1664

Feb 22

Have we the answer to Ruffles Crisps that listener Ian Beddoes has been going on about for so long? I think we have, other listener Gina seems to have a solution! Also, sun rays, facebook stalking, one legged pensioners and other stories in the news for your amusement. Enjoy the show.