Vobes Show 1663

Feb 21

Have you ever been conned? I was once, or at least I think I was. People are saying they cannot afford more than one child these days. Isn’t thata  good thing? There are far too mnay people in this world as it is! More stories from the news and of my forth coming projects. Have a great day!

Vobes Show 1662

Feb 18

Skulls were used to drink out of so the scientists now say. I visit Ian Beddoes and look at his strange musicial instruments. Master Chef has been slated for its new X Factor type style and is dumbed down. Men are using hair straighteners. The world has gone mad.

Vobes Show 1661

Feb 17

Back from my trip to Wigan and Burnley and while up in Shropshire Harriet and I met a mad farmer. Have a listen as I recount the story in today’s show.

Vobes Show 1660

Feb 11

The perils of fame is explored in today’s Vobes Show podcast.  You might be important and in the public eye now, but 20 years on are you still as happy and powerful as you once were? Store cards and credit card rip offs also looked at. Waffles anyone? They are in a black plastic bag and just waiting to be taken… Have a great weekend and come back soon.

Vobes Show 1659

Feb 10

The changing face of Britain – how the area around our landmarks have changed. Also how easy is it to set up a Podcast. I demonstrate in today’s show. Also The Great Escape, how one listener admits he has never watched the film. Incredible. Oh, and other stuff too.