Vobes Show 1658

Feb 09

Have you made a will. Do you reply on your parents leaving you money when they go? What is Naughty School and how did I fare there? Its all in the Vobes Show today. And free to listen.

Vobes Show 1657

Feb 08

Cineworld, what is the experience like? The Vobes went to the cinema yesterday and saw The Mechanic. Also, a look and reaction to what is in the news from a Beach Hut in Worthing, in West Sussex.

Vobes Show 1656

Feb 07

Beer Show with Richard and Jimmy…

Vobes Show 1655

Feb 04

The mad axe man cometh. A farmer has a novel idea on how to deal with yobs and thugs that have been havoc on his farm, I reveal how many people have been in touch to say they listen to the show… To get the full audio – you need to join the Vobes Vault at www.vobes.com

Vobes Show 1654

Feb 03

This is a members only show and I want to know if there ia anyone still listening.  Has the hey day of podcasting been and gone or is it that there is too many other types of entertainment on the internet now reducing the audience to next to nothing? I am asking you to get in touch and let me know.