Vobes Show 1683

Mar 31

How much salt do you use on your food? Would you be happy to cut back? Also, its great to be back in the studio in Worthing, but I telly ou about the filming I have recently been doing. And Witches, are they really that scary?

Vobes Show 1682

Mar 29

Harriet and I climb the Lawley, a fabulous hill near Church Stretten in Shropshire. Its a funny episode and I hope you enjoy it.

Vobes Show 1681

Mar 26

Do you like trashy women? Do you like beer? What about combiing the two and have a trashy woman beer? We do in the Beer show today! Richard and Jimmy in the Beach Hut getting pissed on lovely beer. Enjoy.

Vobes Show 1680

Mar 25

The price of petrol doesn’t seemed to have changed over the past few days. In fact it seems to have got more expensive. Do you have a holiday or do you prefer to take day trips now. What have you done with your life and was it worth it?

Vobes Show 1679

Mar 23

I had some trouble with my Blackberry yesterday and had to change the software to resolve it. I popped over to see my mate Jimmy too and had a chat with him and there are a few items in the news that tickle my fancy.