Vobes Show 1678

Mar 22

I climbed up Caer Caradoc the other day and it was fabulous. James wants to know why the primary sources are not used in newspaper articles and Brian Fox has a mangle story for us. Its all in today’s Vobes Show. Enjoy.

Vobes Show 1677

Mar 17

I have an interesting new book about Henry IV to tell you about. James from Luton has an audio comment about Tuesday’s show to listen to and there is a new podcast on the block for you guys to go and try out, plus news and comments from stuff in the world about us.

Vobes Show 1676

Mar 16

Did the Romans really give us all the things we teach our children? There has been an exciting discovery in Shropshire to suggest that actually roads were much more in existance before the invasion of the Romans in Britain. Also, the bank of Mum and Dad, just how much will you have to spent on your children after they have reached the adult age of 18? Find out in the Vobes Show today.

Vobes Show 1675

Mar 15

The Olympics are now open for you to get your tickets today, but i argue it would be better to give the money you would have spent on yourself to the Japanese relief funds. I am back from my trip to Myddle and report on the castle and my documentary and various other items from the newspapers. Enjoy.

Vobes Show 1674

Mar 11

I am back from my trip to Devon and on route through this glourious county I had to stop at the pictureques village of Mary Tavy where I saw the Wheal Betsy Engine House on Blackdown, part of the magnificent Dartmoor landscape.