Vobes Show 1713

May 30

There is a hole in my floor board. The water will come in and the Beach Hut will sink. In other news, I am off to Aberdeen for three days, so the next show will be on Friday. Have a good week and a nice Bank Holiday Monday.

Vobes Show 1712

May 29

Its the Beer Show with Jimmy and Richard and bottle of beer. Today we have a couple more beers from Tony The Tiger and one from the shelves of Morrisons, Old Dan. There is a TV theme test too.

Vobes Show 1711

May 28

I am struggling to read on today’s show and I can’t blame the eye. Everything I say seems to come out wrong. Your emails and reaction to the news is all here for you as usual.

Vobes Show 1710

May 27

I have a grizzly book about the medieval atrocities to tell you about. Also an email from an old listener and more fun and games and observations from the news and the world about us.

Vobes Show 1709

May 26

Do you think you are in command when you drive your car? According to a new survey older educated women are more likely to drink and drive. What do you make of that? Also, the beach hut is situated in Worthing, but is the beach safe to visit and the sea clean enough to swim, I have a look in the Good Beach Guide.