Vobes Show 1746

Jul 28

Why don’t we build Timber Framed houses any more? Why shouldn’t the ITV Player want to charge for its content. Isn’t it right that anyone wishing to come to live in this country should learn the language first?

Vobes Show 1745

Jul 25

Harriet and Richard take a walk up over the Shropshire Hills. This time they explore Ashes Hollow.

Vobes Show 1744

Jul 21

What was it like for children 100 years ago? Did they have ipods and xboxes? How tough was if for the little mites who lived in the gutter and on the slums of Britain?

Vobes Show 1743

Jul 20

Its the music show with Nick Tann and Richard Vobes. Hope you like the selections of challenging music this time around.

Vobes Show 1742

Jul 19

Laura LaRue has another song and video out, I have a bunch of nice emails and some silly voices. Its the Vobes on top form. Shownotes – nah, thats ot for me – so old hat.