Vobes Show 1751

Aug 12

Sun beds and trumpet blowing is the subject in today’s rather crazy and silly show. If you are a sensible person please do not listen you will not like it.

Vobes Show 1750

Aug 04

I have a leaky roof! Water is coming in from an unexpected source. Also, more news about the coracle hunting and interesting takes on the news. I hope you enjoy the show.

Vobes Show 1749

Aug 03

More information about my Bald Explorer project this time looking at the history of Shrewsbury and how I want to drift about the River Severn in a Coracle.

Vobes Show 1748

Aug 02

Have you spent all the money on fabulous living and not kept anything aside? Some one in the news has. I am back from Shropshire and ready for another week of Beach Hut podcasts.

Vobes Show 1747

Aug 01

Richard and Harriet walk along Wenlock Edge in Shropshire and head to a lovely pub.