Vobes Show 1788

Oct 31

At the weekend I visited the isle of Ely with Simon Brown and his good lady Sharon and my very good friend Harriet. Also, Cambridge, one of the seats of learning, was another destination that Harriet and I headed off too, but why did I have to leave and get back to jolly old Worthing in such a rush?

Vobes Show 1787

Oct 28

Is the Queen a robot and working remotely? Its a bit of a worry isn’t. In the papers they already talking about the possibility of William and Kate having a baby girl and it becoming queen. What happened to Charles? Lots of other stuff in the show too.

Vobes Show 1786

Oct 27

I have been out in east Sussex and Kent looking for locations for the next bald Explorer. It was a very rewarding and pleasant day.

Vobes Show 1785

Oct 26

I am off on a trip around Sussex today as part of my research for the next Bald Explorer episode. I will tell you all about that in the show, plus why do people not ever answer their email?

Vobes Show 1784

Oct 25

Why would English Heritage have an important Abbey closed in October? I was quite put out when I popped there at the weekend. A new book is out telling you how a lot of the history you thought you knew is wrong. Also, I am struggling to read email – so whats new there then?