Vobes Show 1779

Oct 17

Its another Beer Show with Richard and Jimmy tasting a series of interesting beers not tried by them before including a Tavern Porter.

Vobes Show 1778

Oct 14

Is the school kids game of Conkers only played in Britain asks listener Stuart from Germany? How would the Charles Stell Satnav voice sound like and is James Bates a posh bloke? All these questions are asked or answered in the show today. And do you know which of my which of my listeners has a gun in the house?

Vobes Show 1777

Oct 13

Are shower gels a rip off and doesn’t soap, which is a lot cheaper do a better job? Is your Blackberry working now? Would we better off if we didn’t ‘want’ things new all the time?

Vobes Show 1776

Oct 10

Harriet and I have been out with the podcast microphone recording another walk. This time we are off from Shrewsbury to Montford Bridge trying to keep adjacent to the River Severn, but we are having a few problems….

Vobes Show 1775

Oct 08

In today’s show I speak to Rob from Gnark Media who are launching a new TV and Music channel on the Internet. The idea is people would pay to watch or listen to the content. Will it work? I find out more about it. You can find out further information yourself at http://www.gnark.co.uk – enjoy the interview.