Vobes Show 1793

Nov 06

Its the Beer Show with Richard and Jimmy and as usual we have three beers to try. This time Jimmy has no idea what they are. We also have a quiz to. Can you guess the voices played in before Richard gets them?

Vobes Show 1792

Nov 05

Do people still watch and buy DVD’s? I think they must do as they are very useful things. Also what do you do if your Kindle breaks down and your library is on it?

Vobes Show 1791

Nov 03

The Ugly fruit are heading back to the supermarket shelves. There is a new law apparently to permit this – i didn’t know there was a law to keep them off. Also, met up with the boys, Paul Stoneman and Jimmy Hastell for a couple of beers and lunch yesterday.

Vobes Show 1790

Nov 02

There seems to be conflicting advice out there today about the merits for or otherwise of Red Wine. I try to bet to the bottom of it.

Vobes Show 1789

Nov 01

Its a mad show with Lloyd Bayley joining me for fun and games in today’s show. We talk about the Melbourne Cup and the advantage of using sea horses. Also Jimmy, apparently, drops in to give us his take on a number of issues. Have a listen and enjoy the show.