Vobes Show 1819

Dec 29

This is the last of the Vobes Shows this year and I thinking of having a pause while I write a book. Also I catch up with the emails that have been sent in and the last of the 2011 news items I wanted to read.

Vobes Show 1818

Dec 28

Its a big quiz in the Vobes Show today. Can you beat me to the answers?

Vobes Show 1817

Dec 23

How much does it cost to make a cinema commercial? Why are the numbers out of sequence and is fifty grand a lot of money?

Vobes Show 1816

Dec 22

I have a rant today about religion and it all stems from a story about a learner driver. I am sorry if I offend, but I have the right to speak my mind too.

VOBES Show 1815

Dec 21

I am looking at what it is to be English in today’s show through a series of slightly unusual reports. Or am I? No, its just another silly Vobes Show.