The Vobes Show 1847

Aug 30

Its another Beer Show with Jimmy and I and we have another quiz in the show to quess the singer. Also, we have a non-alcoholic beer to try. Join us for a little fun.

Classic Vobes Show

Aug 29

Here is a repeat of a classic Vobes Podcast from June 2005.

Up, Up and Away in my beautiful balloon. I take to the air with David Conman and his ‘Hot Air’ balloon rides. And what an incredible unbelievable experience it was – all captured with the iRiver today!
Also – the final Diary of a Listener with Rowland Cutler

Walking Podcast – Shropshire Way

Aug 26

A walking podcast from Shrewsbury along the Shropshire Way with Richard and Harriet exploring the locality.

Vobes Show 1846

Aug 22

Its another beer show with Richard and Jimmy and we have some Salopian ale from Shropshire. Jimmy also is reading an except from his book and seeks feedback.

Bald Explorer in Brighton pt 2

Aug 12

Richard and Jimmy continue their exploration of Brighton on this sunny Saturday in August. They pop down to the seaside, the pier and beach to view the crowds and amusements. Later we love to the old Town Hall, a beautiful copy of a Andrea Palladio Villa with double porticoes.

You can check out the photographs that Jimmy took here: Photos