Bald Explorer in Brighton

Aug 11

Richard and Jimmy go to Brighton to have a stroll around and explore the merits of Little London by the Sea. Taking a microphone and a train, the two history buffs, wonder the streets, the lanes and the promenades of this old seaside resort recording their observations and searching for the detail most people ignore or don’t even see.

The Podcast is in two parts. This is part One – the second episode will be online soon.

Have a look at the photos that Jimmy took here: Photos

Vobes Show 1845

Aug 08

I am back in the studio flying solo and this time I am talking nonsense. I hope you can make head or tail of it all.

The Beer Show: VS1844

Aug 07

The Beer Show with Jimmy and Richard and this time we are sampling German beers that have been sent in by Stuart. But what do we make of them?