Vobes Show 1861

Oct 28

Harriet and I are taking a walk along the Shrewsbury Canal. It is an abandoned canal and there are plans to restore it to its former glory. We chat about the history of canals and why they were so important in England.

Vobes Show 1860

Oct 26

I have Lloyd Bayley on the show today and we are talking tablets, Jimmy Saville and reading a letter from Mexico. Have a listen and enjoy the fun.

Vobes Show 1859

Oct 24

Jimmy has another book out on Kindle about Worthing. He is in the studio drinking beer and we have three curious brews to try. The Bald Explorer is currently being transmitted on the Community Channel too.

Vobes Show 1858

Oct 20

What was it like to have a family in the Tudor period? The Bald Explorer is on TV and could you survive without your smart phone?

Vobes Show 1857

Oct 17

How many ways are there to save your heating bills and are they realistic? An email on today show is from someone who has photographed dead people for a living. What tablet is best to buy and why?