Vobes Show 1856

Oct 15

Do you kiss your partner good night ? Are you kids still living at home with you? Have you cooked a nice meal for friends partners recently?

Vobes Show 1855

Oct 10

I have been writing a book about Shrewsbury and I thought I would read a section from it – also we find out more about the legendary Bobby Brewster and a little of the adventurers of Snug and Cozi.

Vobes Show 1854

Oct 08

Do you still write letters, make notes or keep a diary? Do you write things by hand. I am curious in today’s Vobes Show or are you digital through and through?

Vobes Show 1853

Oct 06

It is the weekend special with Richard Vobes and today I have as a guest from ‘down under’ the lovely Lloyd Bayley. We are talk about films, cooking and solar energy, so join us in the debate and have a laugh or two as well.

Vobes Show 1852

Oct 05

Its another beer show with Richard and Jimmy and tonight we are tasting a number of old favourites, but the question is, are they as good as they once were? Jimmy talks about his book and we see if we can find a job for the poor unemployed chap.