The Beer Show 1842

Jul 17

It’s another beer show and Jimmy and I are drinking lager. Yes lager. It was a gift from a local listener – thanks Peter.

The Vobes Show 1841

Jul 14

Have you tried the meal deals at supermarkets? Are they all they are supposed to be or can you do better else where?

The Vobes Show 1840

Jul 11

I am back in the beach hut flying solo and recording another dollop of your favourite podcast. Do read the terms of use, if you can find them and make sure you don’t get hit by the Higgs Bosom.

Vobes Show 1839

Jul 10

Its another beer show and this time Jimmy and I are drinking some old favourites and having a number of striking arguments about which we like. Also, how much work should an unemployed man do around the house?

Vobes Show 1838

Jun 27

Jimmy and I are back in the beach hut and we have more beer and one that was designed by a pop band.