Vobes Show 1812

Dec 16

Lloyd tells me about the Australian Christmas.

Vobes Show 1811

Dec 15

Nick Tann joins me on the show today and we are discussing leaflets and the positive side of handing them to promote oneself website and music. Also, how do you use twitter to promote yourself as well as why does pornography push technology forward.

Vobes Show 1810

Dec 14

What do you store in the attic? Have you ever had a tree share your bed? And what things should you have done this year and haven’t?

Vobes Show 1809

Dec 13

Are you a success? Have you measured yourself against others to see if you are where you want to be in relation to them and how do you know you are not a success?

Vobes Show 1808

Dec 09

Today’s show is about filming in Sussex or Hampshire and parcels that cost money to receive them. To start with, yesterday I was out out shooting more with the Bald Explorer series and this time at the headquarters of the largest gang of smugglers in the south coast during the 18th Century. The I move on to talk about the problems of sending and receiving a parcel from another country and in the customs duties that are involved. Are the two subjects related do you think?