Vobes Show 1807

Dec 07

How many Christmas Trees will you be putting up? Are you going to take a Pay Day Loan out? What are the commercial cons of Christmas about to plague you? Its all in the Vobes Show. Enjoy!

Vobes Show 1806

Dec 06

There are a lot of things you can cook in a microwave. But somethings shouldn’t be. Have you ever been buried alive in a box in a shallow grave? The show is full of odd news today.

Vobes Show 1805

Dec 04

Harriet and I go for a walk across the Hills near Wentnor in Shropshire.

The Vobes Show – 1804 (Beer Show)

Dec 02

Its the Beer Show and a slightly longer one than normal with Richard and Jimmy getting slow sloshed on some good old standards. Jimmy has a quiz and Richard is useless at it, can you do better?

Vobes Show 1803

Dec 01

Fancy a drop of the new ale called Beach Heady Christmas Jumper? It sounds like a nice beer doesn’t it? How about a secret app that records your every keystroke, whether you like it or not. Its another mad cap Vobes Show for you to listen to. Beer show tomorrow with Jimmy.