Vobes Show 1802

Nov 30

Bulling Bosses and people on Strike. I am back from my trip away making corporate videos and its good to be in the beach Hut doing another show.

Haughmond Hill Walk

Nov 28

Richard and Harriet go for another walk. This time we have a jaunt across Haughmond Hill in Shropshire. Its the second time we have strolled across these precambrian outcrops. This time we are walking from a different start point and make a discovery we hadn’t really known about. Have a listen to find out more.

Vobes Show 1801

Nov 25

Its another Vobes Show and I am bringing you up to speed with the emails and comments from my listeners, plans for the next part of the Bald Explorer and going through the news for items that will amuse and enthuse you, my dear lovely listeners. Enjoy.

Vobes Show 1800

Nov 24

Its my 1800 show and Ia m talking with Lloyd Bayley about the police with their guns. We are also exploring the world of wine and the joys of filming with tights on your head.

Vobes Show 1799

Nov 15

How to have a cheep Christmas. Plus I have an offer for a Christmas present for all your mums and dads! Check out today’s Vobes show for a fun filled moan about the golden age of television too! :)