Vobes Show 1798

Nov 14

I read a report that doctors and other professionals that we all reply on are becoming alcoholics and I image what that must be life. Also, what are you doing for Christmas? I am going to be spending it alone and I have a nice pop up tree for company.

Vobes Show 1797

Nov 11

I don’t do poppies and I prefer to my remembering at a time that suits me. Also, I explain the law of ‘by association’ regarding selling dvds. Plus, its just headlines and that its it as far as the news goes. Its an odd show indeed.

Vobes Show 1796

Nov 09

It would seem that men fall for the sexy friends scams on Facebook a lot more than women do. Really? I am not at all surprised. We men are all gullible hopefully desperate for the impossible to happen to us, aren’t we? Maybe be not. Anyway, its a bit of risky romp in today’s Vobes Show – enjoy.

Vobes Show 1795

Nov 08

How much does each patient cost the NHS at A&E? And how do they work out those figures? Follies, have you ever visited one? Plus lots of other nonsense from a dithering idiot who is running late today!

Vobes Show 1794

Nov 07

Spice up your church sermons is the message I read in the papers from the Vatican – that sounds good to me! Also, I can’t read all the stories in the papers about the big car crash. Its all to moorkish for me. Why are people driving like looney’s on the road and what is the road to happiness? Its all in the Vobes Show today – enjoy!