Dartmoor Podcast No3

Sep 18

Its Monday morning and Richard is on his way to have a look at the church stuck on top of a hill at Brent Tor. The weather is bleak and the wind severe.

Dartmoor Podcast No2

Sep 18

Harriet and Richard climb up the tors on Dartmoor, find leats and look for a blowing house. This is day one of our walking holiday and exploration of the famous moor.

Dartmoor Podcast No1

Sep 18

My trip to Dartmoor started on a Saturday, traveling to the holiday cottage with Harriet. Having, visited Oakehampton, had a pub lunch, a stroll about and then finding the place, unloaded and taking a short walk locally the day was virtually over.

The following day I got up early to seek out a short walk to test the area….

Vobes Show 1764

Sep 08

Have you driven up the road the wrong way? One woman did and we hear about that. Also emails from Scott Loose and James Bates, plus other antics and fun. Have a listen, go on, I dare you.

Vobes Show 1763

Sep 07

Have you ever squatted? Do you think they should be criminalised? Also, I chat about recent trip to Somerset and Devon and also the rise of corporate chain stores selling coffee and hamburgers.