Vobes Show 1754

Aug 17

I am struggling to learn. Books are great, but they don’t answer all the questions and sometimes they take too much for granted. Do you have the same problems and how do you over come all this?

Vobes Show 1753

Aug 16

The magnificence of the Georgian House is explained. The fun on tea rooms is explored and power of TV to knock days off your life discovered. All in today’s Vobes Show – enjoy!

Vobes Show 1752

Aug 15

Harriet and I are off to Wales for more walks and exploration and this time we are looking at the wonderful and rather huge Lake Vyrnwy. Have a listen to our exploits.

Vobes Show 1751

Aug 12

Sun beds and trumpet blowing is the subject in today’s rather crazy and silly show. If you are a sensible person please do not listen you will not like it.

Vobes Show 1750

Aug 04

I have a leaky roof! Water is coming in from an unexpected source. Also, more news about the coracle hunting and interesting takes on the news. I hope you enjoy the show.