Vobes Show 1749

Aug 03

More information about my Bald Explorer project this time looking at the history of Shrewsbury and how I want to drift about the River Severn in a Coracle.

Vobes Show 1748

Aug 02

Have you spent all the money on fabulous living and not kept anything aside? Some one in the news has. I am back from Shropshire and ready for another week of Beach Hut podcasts.

Vobes Show 1747

Aug 01

Richard and Harriet walk along Wenlock Edge in Shropshire and head to a lovely pub.

Vobes Show 1746

Jul 28

Why don’t we build Timber Framed houses any more? Why shouldn’t the ITV Player want to charge for its content. Isn’t it right that anyone wishing to come to live in this country should learn the language first?

Vobes Show 1745

Jul 25

Harriet and Richard take a walk up over the Shropshire Hills. This time they explore Ashes Hollow.