Vobes Show 1739

Jul 14

I am having a bit of a moan about sat navs and other things.

Vobes Show 1738

Jul 13

Are your kids coming home to roost? The boomerang generation is here apparently and they are planning to return to their family homes to live as they cannot afford to fend for themselves, according to a report I saw in the papers today. Are you in this situation, I want to know about it?

Vobes Show 1737

Jul 12

What sort of nose do you have? Apparently, there are only 14 types of noses and they have been catergorised, I have a look at them. Are houses really that expensive to build and what did they do in history? Welcome to the Vobes Show on a Tuesday.

Vobes Show 1736

Jul 08

I am falling to bits. I have a pain in the neck and I cannot put my leg down without a shooting pain. There are other stories from the news.

Vobes Show 1735

Jul 07

What exactly is art and how do we know if it is any good? Well, the scientists have come up with a way to give art some form of approval. I offer my own artistic gallery for you to come and have a gander at and see if you like my type of art.