Vobes Show 1866

Dec 02

I am back from filming in my coracle for the Bald Explorer programme and thinking about what the next one will be about. Have you got a friend with benefits and are you resisting change to your countries traditions?

Vobes Show 1865

Nov 22

I see that people are hacking into Skype, people want to take over the worldm computer graphics and emails from listeners – its all in today’s wonderful Vobes Show. Go on have a listen!

Vobes Show 1864

Nov 20

It is a beer show and we are looking at the Christmas selection of real ales. Also, I challenge Jimmy on a personal note and it gets quite heavy. We are still friends though.

Vobes Show 1863

Nov 06

Are falling out of love with your vitamins? I am back in the beach hut with another mad cap and slightly silly show. I do hope you enjoy it. If you did, tell someone or tweet it out.

Vobes Show 1862

Nov 02

I am baking a pudding with my friend Nigel Cooper and looking at Jimmy’s new Kindle Fire in today’s show.