Vobes Show 1619

Dec 06

The BBC say they are going to be showing more repeats from now on due to cut back. Well, I have an idea about that! The Met Office have a report out saying that the sea levels are not going to rise the way that it has been predicted and that ice caps will not melt as much as ever one has said. Planning rules are to relax in this country which is a fabulous thing. Welcome to the Monday show with my crazy look at the news.

Vobes Show 1618

Dec 03

This is a Member’s Only Show. I had the most weird telephone conversation yesterday and I tell you all about it in today’s Vobes Show. Also we are asking is there a Love Cheat gene and is getting old a mental thing? Just what was the gig the Vobes and Cooper were going to get up today and how bad are the roads in the UK. Many topics with questions and answers. Its the Friday Vobes Show.

Naked Englishman 935

Dec 02

This is a Member’s Only Show. A day of researching the historic town of Oswestry in Shropshire as the snow falls outside in Worthing.

Vobes Show 1617

Dec 02

This is a Member’s Only Show. Do you hibernate? Its seems in Winter we do tend to. Also, have you got Bing Arms? Do you know what they are and how to get rid of them. The Vobes has a lesson in dealing with them! What has happened to the Andrex puppy? Isn’t there an easy way of selling loo paper? Yes, this and more is in the Vobes Show today – another mad comedy special for you! Enjoy!

Naked Englishman 934

Dec 01

This is a Member’s Only Show. From a Cold Beach Hut…