Vobes Show 1851

Oct 04

The AA have made suggestions that young drivers, who are more pront to have accidents, should spend longer completing their tests. I have a few suggestions of my own. Also, I watched a drama about Kenny Everett last night, my thoughts on that and a few other things besides.

Vobes Show 1850

Oct 01

I am back from the BBC and I have an idea for a possible TV show to sell to the channel. I am also looking at the news ideas and reacting to them in my usual crazy way. Hope you enjoy the nonsense.

Vobes Show 1849

Sep 19

I am flying solo in the beach hut this evening and discovered that the door has got a bit rotten. But if you want to have a baby make sure you have a grapefruit, at least that is what it says in the news. I am sifting for the fun stories and giving you the Vobes opinion, just as in the old days. Its been a while, but if you like the show and comment, I might continue with some more.. Its all in your hands…

Vobes Show 1848

Sep 14

Richard and Jimmy have been lucky enough to have a delivery of beer from listener Nick from Hove Actually. Have a listen to see what they think of the beer.

The Vobes Show 1847

Aug 30

Its another Beer Show with Jimmy and I and we have another quiz in the show to quess the singer. Also, we have a non-alcoholic beer to try. Join us for a little fun.