Vobes Show 1786

Oct 27

I have been out in east Sussex and Kent looking for locations for the next bald Explorer. It was a very rewarding and pleasant day.

Vobes Show 1785

Oct 26

I am off on a trip around Sussex today as part of my research for the next Bald Explorer episode. I will tell you all about that in the show, plus why do people not ever answer their email?

Vobes Show 1784

Oct 25

Why would English Heritage have an important Abbey closed in October? I was quite put out when I popped there at the weekend. A new book is out telling you how a lot of the history you thought you knew is wrong. Also, I am struggling to read email – so whats new there then?

Vobes Show 1783

Oct 21

Brick can be beautiful. Its shame that modern builders don’t vary the way they create and produce brick built buildings. I watched an interesting programme on the BBC iPlayer last night and its worth a look if you get a chance. Plus a fab cover for a Kindle!

Vobes Show 1782

Oct 20

Have you ever had a letter sent to you that wasn’t actually for you at all? There are loads of waffle in today’s show – but isn’t there always? Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Bald Explorer – Ep 2

Oct 19

This is the second of the series that has Richard Vobes dashing about the UK in search of myths and legends, history and architecture as he discovers all that is good about the country he loves.

In this episode, the Bald Explorer is in Shropshire finding out the pitfalls and perils of taking a journey a few hundred years ago. He visits the Lion Hotel in Shrewsbury to discover what the coaching life was like. A trip to Lord Hill’s Column gives him a wonderful view of the old London to Hollyhead road and at Myddle Farm he investigates the ruined castle and wonders who was the highway man, Humphrey Kynaston who once lived in a cave?

Vobes Show 1781

Oct 19

There are too many empty bedrooms, apparently in this country and more families could live in them, according to a report out today. A Viking burial has been found with his boat intact in Scotland and I have been up half the night uploading stuff.

Vobes Show 1780

Oct 18

I have a moan about the Chinese people that walk past a two year old girl that was run over by two trucks and then no one went to help. Also, was football older than we think, we do we care? Oh yes, and there are a few more moans and nice emails too.

Vobes Show 1779

Oct 17

Its another Beer Show with Richard and Jimmy tasting a series of interesting beers not tried by them before including a Tavern Porter.

Vobes Show 1778

Oct 14

Is the school kids game of Conkers only played in Britain asks listener Stuart from Germany? How would the Charles Stell Satnav voice sound like and is James Bates a posh bloke? All these questions are asked or answered in the show today. And do you know which of my which of my listeners has a gun in the house?