Vobes Show 1777

Oct 13

Are shower gels a rip off and doesn’t soap, which is a lot cheaper do a better job? Is your Blackberry working now? Would we better off if we didn’t ‘want’ things new all the time?

Vobes Show 1776

Oct 10

Harriet and I have been out with the podcast microphone recording another walk. This time we are off from Shrewsbury to Montford Bridge trying to keep adjacent to the River Severn, but we are having a few problems….

Vobes Show 1775

Oct 08

In today’s show I speak to Rob from Gnark Media who are launching a new TV and Music channel on the Internet. The idea is people would pay to watch or listen to the content. Will it work? I find out more about it. You can find out further information yourself at http://www.gnark.co.uk – enjoy the interview.

Vobes Show 1774

Oct 07

Its cold in the Beach Hut today – the winter is obviously coming. They do say snow will be hear by the end of the month. Also on the show I am debating with myself whether I am funny and if my sense of humour matches others. I don’t think it does. Life eh?

Vobes Show 1773

Oct 06

The French have banned tomato ketch up from their children’s school dinners. I think this is a brilliant idea. Keep it French! We should all do this of course. Plus, why would you not put a play button on your music website?

Vobes Show 1772

Oct 04

If you heard voices in your head telling you to pull your eyes out, would you do it? One chap did. I have my own eye problems and also I discuss the delights of the wifi radio…

Vobes Show 1771

Oct 03

have you ever met your children in your dreams? Or how about in real life when they are a different age? Sounds weird, but it happened to me fairly recently.

Vobes Show 1770

Oct 02

What are you reading at the moment? I am reading about Thomas Cromwell and what a fascinating read it is to be sure. I love my books and have to find time to read them and so I rarely watch the television these days…

Vobes Show 1769

Sep 30

Its another beer show and this week Jimmy and I are trying some Dark Star Esspresso beer, we have a IPA from Green King and a nice summer ale from the Hogsback Brewery, plus a few snacks and a general chit chat. Have fun.

Vobes Show 1768

Sep 26

What the hell does Common Era mean? How confusing is that and why not keep to the old calender expressions of AD and BC? New of the next Bald Explorer and a slight format change and witches with nails in their face – its all in today’s exciting episode of the Vobes Show – enjoy.