Vobes Show 1626

Dec 19

It’s the Christmas Beer show. Its a mad show with loads of booze and crazy people crammed into a tiny Beach Hut. One the line from the USA is John Berger and Phil Clark who join Richard and Jimmy as they discuss all things Christmas and Beer. Mostly featured are the lovely gifts that listener Stuart from Germany sent in, including German beers and lovely cake. Also we have cheap crackers, some port, mulled wine and a few bad jokes. Joins us and have a listen.

This is the FREE version and therefore only a snippet of the whole 1 hour show. To gain access to the show you will need to join the Vobes Vault (see links at top of page) and for only £2 a month is more than worthwhile.

Naked Englishman 937

Dec 18

This is a Member’s Only Show. I am back from Norfolk having been away doing corpoarates. We have had some snow and I am getting prepared for any onslaught.

Vobes Show 1625

Dec 15

This is a Member’s Only Show. How far has your Christmas Dinner traveled? I have a look at the distances some of the ingredients have taken to get on your plate. Also a box has arrived from one of my lovely listeners and I have a look at all the exciting contents.  I went to watch the film The Tourist the other day and you can hear what i thought about it in the show too. Have a fun Wednesday. Off now until Saturday.

Naked Englishman 936

Dec 14

This is a Member’s Only Show. I am chatting about my visit to Oswestry, the decision to move the Vobes Show behind closed doors and membership in general.

Vobes Show 1624

Dec 14

This is a Member’s Only Show.  I have been buying more books and thanks to Amazon for getting it to me while they are busy with the old Christmas stuff. It is a profile of a man who invented some thing we have all benefited from, but I will leave you guessing for now. The answer is of course in the show! Also a cat that had a ride under a bonnet of the car and what is actually the secret to happiness. Its all revealed in today’s Vobes Show.

Vobes Show 1623

Dec 13

This is a Member’s Only Show.  Back from Shropshire and having been visiting the Bishops Castle. Its an interesting place because of the mystery that surrounds what ever happened to the vanishing castle.  What happened to Friday’s show is answered too.

Vobes Show 1621

Dec 08

In the late Seventies there was a lot of sightings of UFO and weird goings on in woods at night. Charles Walker, a Sussex man, was drawn in to investigate. In today’s show, by special request, I play an except from the Vobes Vault, where I interview Charles Walker and go with him into the woods at Clapham in West Sussex in search of Satanic practises…

Vobes Show 1620

Dec 07

This is a Member’s Only Show. Its another mad cap show for you from the Vobes in his beach hut in Worthing. This time I am looking at the English Language and how it has been dumbed down by adults as well as children. Also what happens when you spend too much time on Facebook or Twitter. Being inactive is as bad for you as smoking is. It is all here – check it out today!

Vobes Show 1619

Dec 06

The BBC say they are going to be showing more repeats from now on due to cut back. Well, I have an idea about that! The Met Office have a report out saying that the sea levels are not going to rise the way that it has been predicted and that ice caps will not melt as much as ever one has said. Planning rules are to relax in this country which is a fabulous thing. Welcome to the Monday show with my crazy look at the news.

Vobes Show 1618

Dec 03

This is a Member’s Only Show. I had the most weird telephone conversation yesterday and I tell you all about it in today’s Vobes Show. Also we are asking is there a Love Cheat gene and is getting old a mental thing? Just what was the gig the Vobes and Cooper were going to get up today and how bad are the roads in the UK. Many topics with questions and answers. Its the Friday Vobes Show.