Vobes Show 1846

Aug 22

Its another beer show with Richard and Jimmy and we have some Salopian ale from Shropshire. Jimmy also is reading an except from his book and seeks feedback.

Bald Explorer in Brighton pt 2

Aug 12

Richard and Jimmy continue their exploration of Brighton on this sunny Saturday in August. They pop down to the seaside, the pier and beach to view the crowds and amusements. Later we love to the old Town Hall, a beautiful copy of a Andrea Palladio Villa with double porticoes.

You can check out the photographs that Jimmy took here: Photos

Bald Explorer in Brighton

Aug 11

Richard and Jimmy go to Brighton to have a stroll around and explore the merits of Little London by the Sea. Taking a microphone and a train, the two history buffs, wonder the streets, the lanes and the promenades of this old seaside resort recording their observations and searching for the detail most people ignore or don’t even see.

The Podcast is in two parts. This is part One – the second episode will be online soon.

Have a look at the photos that Jimmy took here: Photos

Vobes Show 1845

Aug 08

I am back in the studio flying solo and this time I am talking nonsense. I hope you can make head or tail of it all.

The Beer Show: VS1844

Aug 07

The Beer Show with Jimmy and Richard and this time we are sampling German beers that have been sent in by Stuart. But what do we make of them?

The Black Mountains Walk

Jul 30

Richard and Harriet take a walk and climb over the Black Mountains in Wales.

Vobes Show 1843

Jul 27

Did you go to university and what did you do with the knowledge you learned? Why I am not into the Olympics and the couple who didn’t speak for twenty years.

Hope Bowdler Walking Podcast

Jul 22

Harriet and Richard pop out for a walk in the July sunshine in Shropshire. This time they are exploring the delights of Hope Bowdler, which is near Church Stretton and close to Caer Caradoc.

To quote Wikipedia: Hope Bowdler Hill rises to the north of the village, with a number of summits, the three tallest of which are 426 metres (1,398 ft), 410m and 393m. The Gaer Stone (or Gaerstones) is part of this hill. On Hope Bowdler Hill you can go on 3.5 mile walk that will take you over the hill and a couple others in the area. This walk will also take you to Gaerstone, Wilstone hill and towards Church Stretton before it takes you back to Hope Bowdler.

It is one of those walks that is over shadowed by the like of the suppose hill that Caratacus was defeated by the Roman’s in AD51 during his last stand to defend Britain against these dreaded foes. That said, it is worth taking a short detour to find one of the many public pathways to clamber to the top and take in the magnificent views.

Legend also has it that a millennium later another famous rebel led a revolt against the Normans. The rebel was Edric Silvaticus also known as ‘Edric the Wild’, he was a Saxon that fought against the Normans in the area of Hope Bowdler after the Conquest of 1066.

The Beer Show 1842

Jul 17

It’s another beer show and Jimmy and I are drinking lager. Yes lager. It was a gift from a local listener – thanks Peter.

The Vobes Show 1841

Jul 14

Have you tried the meal deals at supermarkets? Are they all they are supposed to be or can you do better else where?