Vobes Show 1824 – Beer!

Feb 25

The Beer Show with Jimmy Hastell, Paul Stoneman and host Richard Vobes. Six bottle of beer, some cheese and pate. Listen as they slowly lose the plot. Its a late Christmas show. Thanks to Depot Cat for the beers.

Vobes Show 1823

Feb 11

The Beer show with Jimmy and Richard – We are trying lagers to see if there really is a difference between various brands.

Vobes Show 1822

Jan 24

Its another beer show with Richard and Jimmy and we talk about how we are doing writing our respective books.

Vobes Show 1821

Jan 15

Its the Beer Show with Jimmy and I drinking the lovely Rum flavoured Innis and Gunns.

Vobes Show 1820

Jan 05

Its the Beer Show with Richard and Jimmy and we are looking at Green Kings beers, a Chestnut ale and remembering our childhood. Joins us for a romp of nonsense.

Betws-y-Coed Walk

Jan 02

Richard and Harriet explore Betws-y-Coed in North Wales in Snowdonia National Park.

Vobes Show 1819

Dec 29

This is the last of the Vobes Shows this year and I thinking of having a pause while I write a book. Also I catch up with the emails that have been sent in and the last of the 2011 news items I wanted to read.

Vobes Show 1818

Dec 28

Its a big quiz in the Vobes Show today. Can you beat me to the answers?

Vobes Show 1817

Dec 23

How much does it cost to make a cinema commercial? Why are the numbers out of sequence and is fifty grand a lot of money?

Vobes Show 1816

Dec 22

I have a rant today about religion and it all stems from a story about a learner driver. I am sorry if I offend, but I have the right to speak my mind too.