Vobes Show 1729

Jun 29

Lucy Locket lost her pocket… What was the origin of this children’s nursery rhyme? In other news, what do you know about crows and how favourable has radio become in recent times?

Vobes Show 1728

Jun 28

Why would you use a service that isn’t right for you? Why are fast food places so horrible for the novice? Have you tried the Mac Black yet? And thanks to James for the email.

Vobes Show 1727

Jun 27

Have you spotted a UFO. Have you been abducted by aliens? Is it all nonsense? The start of another week and the Vobes is asking all the important and relevant questions.

Vobes Show 1726

Jun 24

Its the Beer show with Jimmy and Richard trying some beer sent in by listener Lloyd Bayley from Bayley’s Banter podcast. Jimmy has some adverts for the Vobes to identify and bag of goodies too!

Vobes Show 1725

Jun 23

In today’s show I am talking about the Burning of the Martyrs in Lewes and how my son and his pal Danny are going to assist with computer graphics. Also I mention a conversation I had last night about the Great North Road and then I look at the news items that appealed to me at the beginning of the day. Its the Vobes Show.

Vobes Show 1724

Jun 22

There is another Bald Explorer teaser – this is more of a snippet of the programme – available on the Vobes Youtube channel. Also I am back at the news with my crazy and strange reactions to it. Hope you enjoy the show.

Vobes Show 1723

Jun 21

In today’s show I am discussing the process of making television programmes and how this fits in with the plans I have for the Bald Explorer series. I have an email from James Bates too. Hope you enjoy the show.

Vobes Show 1722

Jun 20

Harriet and I are out again on the hills in Shropshire for a walk and a climb and in today’s show we are clambering up Caer Caradoc near Church Stretten. Its a hill about 1500 feet above sea level and quite a steep climb.

Vobes Show 1721

Jun 17

In today’s show I am discussing the process of editing with 16mm film and comparing the old ways with the new digital methods. I talk about the old Arriflex BL camera and loading film in a black bag on location. Also James from Luton has a few things to say about Dunstable, Luton and the BBC building in Wood Lane, London.

Vobes Show 1720

Jun 16

Today’s show is full of warts. Well, one man with a wart and a new way to remove them. Actually the show is full of stories of nutters like this. Beware, if you are in a happy mood, I may just change that.