Like Walking? I head out with the Rambers

Oct 02

If you like walking, why not get out with the ramblers? The Rambling association is nationwide. I popped out one evening with the Brighton and Hove Ramblers to find out what it is all about:

Have a listen:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Windows (Hacker) Technical Department calls

Jun 24

Be warned hackers might call you and try to get you to change your machine so they can manipulate your machine – listen how convincing they can be – but don’t fall for it.

Windows technical department called – no – it was a hacker!!! Have a listen:

My Book – Part 1

May 05

This is a reading from my book, Splidge, the Cragflinger, a children’s book aimed at the 9-12 age range.  It is a 20 minute except as an introduction to the more full audio book that will be available later in the year.

The book started life as a book for young children, but encouraged to adapt it into something more fully developed I up scaled the language and re-worked the plot. Now I like to think of it for all the family, not just for children. You can be the judge of that, of course.

The Land of Gud where the book is set is in terrible squalor. Money has run out. The King is hanging on to his Kingdom by the ends of his fingernails. There is one event that might save the population from ruin, but he needs to advertise to find a special person to help him.

Splidge is a young boy of 12, he has come of age and in search of work. It seems predictable he might be the perfect choice for the King, but there is someone who doesn’t wish this event to go in favour of the Royal Gud…

Vobes 500th Show for 2008

Mar 15

This is a mix of the best bits from the first 500 shows I recorded with all the team in 2008, Georgie and Jimmy and all the various listeners. Of course I have done over 1800 shows, plus another 1300 naked Englishman episodes.

Had to put this up as a trip now memory lane. Enjoy – Vobes Fans.

Naked Englishman 1331

Mar 08

I cannot seem to up date the Naked Englishman feed, so until further notice I am posting the NE audio journals on this feed instead.

In this episode I am talking about writing Children’s books and a meal I went with my children.

A Visit to a 17th Century Village

Jan 31

A few years ago I took my family to the 17th Century living museum and village Little Woodham, near Gosport in Hampshire. I met there James Hodgeson, or master John from the village as he prefers to be known.

In the April of 1642 the King of England, Charles Stuart and his Parliament stood on the eve of Civil War. The momentous events of that year unfold as the autumn approaches. Using extensively researched local events and people the villagers link their families and their lives to national and international events.

You can visit their website here:

Join me and the crew as we explore this delightful time capsule…

Vobes Show 1870

Jan 18

A beer show with some book talk too.

Vobes Show 1869

Jan 03

A free style podcast with Phil Clark and Jimmy Hastel, tasting beers from America.

Vobes Show 1868

Dec 25

Merry Christmas! A Christmas day extra show with my friend down under, Lloyd Bayley, recorded on Christmas morning. It’s all very silly.

Christmas Beer Show

Dec 22

It is the Christmas Beer Show with Jimmy and Richard in a Beach Hut in Worthing sampling more local ales, this time donated by one of our lovely listeners. Will they make it through the evening or fall about into a pile of laughing nitwits. Have a listen to find out.