Vobes Show 1709

May 26

Do you think you are in command when you drive your car? According to a new survey older educated women are more likely to drink and drive. What do you make of that? Also, the beach hut is situated in Worthing, but is the beach safe to visit and the sea clean enough to swim, I have a look in the Good Beach Guide.

Vobes Show 1708

May 24

From a Beach Hut in Worthing the Vobes Show comes to you. I am back from another trip to Shropshire and again I apologise for no Monday show. I report on the climb to Rodney’s Pillar and find some interesting observations in the days news for you to laugh at. Have fun and enjoy the show.

Vobes Show 1707

May 19

Happy people die young, apparently, according to a new research, so I do want you to be miserable today. No filming yesterday due to problems with the caravan, but we are out today on another jaunt to Lewes. Other news items looked at too of course.

Vobes Show 1706

May 18

How do you get the best tasting tomato? Did you see that programme on the TV? What is the Vobes on about today? Check out the Vobes Show podcast to find out. 30 minutes of nonsense for you as usual.

Vobes Show 1705

May 17

Noisy bugs from the USA and big houses in England are the subject of today’s show. Also, is it worth going to university these days if there are no jobs for graduates? Plus, there is a new trailer out for The Bald Explorer and I bring you up to date on the filming process. Its the Vobes Show, episode 1705.

The Bald Explorer – Trailer 1

May 17

The Bald Explorer is slowly getting made.

Vobes Show 1704

May 14

Its another beer show with Richard and Jimmy. The beer has been sent in by Nigel Runner and Tony the Tiger. There is certainly a hot debate towards the show, you have been warned.

Vobes Show 1703

May 12

Yesterday I took the plunge at the Uk’s oldest freshwater outdoor swimming pool, Pells Pool. Also in the show I check out the news in the papers and give the usual Vobes reaction to it.

Vobes at the Pells Pool, Lewes.

May 12

I popped along as part of my research in to the historic town Lewes in east Sussex to the first UK freshwater outdoor swimming pool and took a plunge, the fabulous refreshing Pells Pool!

Vobes Show 1702

May 11

Mr. Pegram and I have been out filming in Lewes in East Sussex for the Bald Explorer and its been a whole load of fun. We even visited the house of Daisy Ashford who in 1890 wrote The Young Visiters.