Vobes Show 1701

May 10

I am off to Lewes in East Sussex today to start the proper filming of the Bald Explorer with Mr. Pegram. One of the places we are going to be visiting is Daisy Ashford’s house. She was a young authoress who wrote her famous work, The Young Visiters when she was nine.

Vobes Show 1700

May 09

Its Monday and I watched an interesting drama documentary about the princes in the tower last night which I naturally waffle on about seeing that it is history. Also, Twitter, topless bars and speed bumps. Hope you enjoy the show that starts off another week.

Vobes Show 1699

May 08

The church of Vobes is coming to you in this lovely sunday in May. With topics like, does it pay to be a terrorist mastermind and why the Beatles are so called, along with other exciting news items of the day. Check out the show and have a listen. No long winded and pointless show notes here, just the show.

Vobes Show 1698

May 07

Its the beer show with Jimmy and Richard and today we are trying out some real ale from the Blythe Brewery in Staffordshire which was kindly donated to us by listener Nigel Runner. Find out if it is our poison or not! Have a great Saturday.

Vobes Show 1697

May 06

Are you a collector? Do you like to collect on records and DVD’s or do you prefer to collect stuff on your hard drive now? Also, instead of being fat, would you rather be blind? Yes, the Vobes Show is back from a short break after a cold and loads of Bank Holidays. I hope you enjoy it. Did you miss me?

Fantastic Stories

Apr 29

Imagine if some of the classic stories of science fiction were actually true and that instead of being fanciful accounts from inspired authors they actually happened.

Richard Vobes goes in search of one such story that evidence does suggest took place in the late years of the 19th century, when strange cylinders arrived from outer space and tripodic beings with heat rays dominated the Earth.

This video was originally made in DV about ten years ago for a pitch to TV in two parts. I have joined them together and uploaded them here so other can have a view of some of my earlier work.

The Bald Explorer – Teaser 6

Apr 28

The filming has begun. The Bald Explorer has been tramping the streets of the beautiful County Town of East Sussex, Lewes. There is much more to do. There is the story of the Battle of Lewes, the Burning of the Protestent Martyrs, the House of Correction, Priory of St Pancras the era of the coach and horses, the magnicient castle and of course the pubs!

This is just a short, very short teaser from the first on-location stock shots and cutaways filming. I am back in May 2011 to shoot the main script and more fun.

Vobes Show 1696

Apr 28

I am back from the dead. Yes, I have been slightly ill and unable to record the show. It was the voice that did it. But now I am back and although croaky and sipping copious amounts of tea, the Vobes is ready to communicate with the nation.

Vobes Show 1695

Apr 22

Is it time for a seaweed diet? If you are over weight then it could be the answer. How much porn do you watch on line are you worried that you are viewing too much? I have the answer for you!

Vobes Show 1694

Apr 21

I am sorry to announce that today’s show does feature a couple of comedy deaths that are not at all funny to the people it happened to, but from an outsider’s point of view are hilarious. I have had a cold and am still bunged up with flu and apologies for yesterdays lack of a show.