Vobes Show 1613

Nov 28

This is a Member’s Only Show. It’s the Beer Show with Jimmy and I and we have a load of beer and non beer drinks to try as well as interesting cheeses to inspect. Plus, what has been going on in the news that we can spout about in our special way? Check out the Sunday Members Special and have a few laughs with us!

Vobes Show 1612

Nov 27

This is a Member’s Only Show.  Its the Saturday show and I am in the freezing cold. Last night I had some chestnuts on the open fire.  They were delicious. Also your emails and other fun stories!

Vobes Show 1611

Nov 26

I report back from the Stand Up gig in Matt’s Comedy Club in today’s show. You can read a review by Dan Thompson all about it here: http://www.artistsandmakers.com/article.php/20101125231325596 Also, did you know there are some green eyed Chinese that could be decendants from the Romans and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the car, is for sale! Its all and more in today’s Vobes Show. Have fun!

Naked Englishman 932

Nov 25

This is a Member’s Only Show. I am talking about the stand up act tonight in more detail and that the sun is out and I should be out making a video!

Vobes Show 1610

Nov 25

Have you ever lost money? Do you keep it under the bed and not in the bank? What would you do if you lost everything? These are just some of the questions I am asking in today’s Vobes Show based on a news item in the papers this morning. Also I am off to do my first Stand Up gig in Worthing supporting the lovely Milton Jones. I am getting nervous. I will tell you all about it in tomorrow’s show. Have you been to Poundland and bought some of their bargins recently? There is a chain store going from strength to strength! Enjoy the show.

Naked Englishman 931

Nov 24

This is a Member’s Only Show. This is my audio journal, the behind the scenes look at my daily life. In todays NE I talk about my forth coming stand up gig in Worthing supporting Milton Jones.

Vobes Show 1609

Nov 24

This is a Member’s Only Show.  For some reason men will not go to the doctors about their little problem and the Vobes wonders why. Also, I am getting nervous about my stand up gig tomorrow night. Where is it, who is it for and what does my routine consist of? I reveal all.  Mat from down under has a few observations about the show and That Jingle is causing a havoc on the show. Have a bumper ride with Vobes today!

Vobes Show 1608

Nov 23

There is news about my recent dare devil trip or should that be sky walk in today’s show. Harriet and I have been across something that scared the living daylights out of us. Also, are we reading enough to our children to make them want to read for themselves? What is James from Luton threatening to do for the Vobes Show in the near future? You can find out more by taking a listen to the UK’s most prolific podcaster.

Vobes Show 1607

Nov 19

It’s the Friday music show with Nick Tann and myself and we have another three artists for you to listen to as well as banter about how to be successful, the wonders of Paypal and a whole host of other things. Join us for a fun filled time.

Vobes Show 1606

Nov 18

This is a Member’s Only Show. Are you phychic? Can you tell the future? According to the scentists in the newspapers there is some truth in the fact that Humans can predict the future. Would you pay someone £1000 a day to get you motivated? Is it right that schools do this? Do dating agencies on line really work. There are reasons why they shouldn’t. Check out todays show and find out, and also where am I headed this weekend that is going to be quite scary for the Vobes?