The Vobes Show 1833

May 05

Well, it is another beer show and Jimmy Hastel and Richard Vobes  are back in the the legendary Beach Hut recording another podcast for all our lovely listeners. In our quest to find the perfect real ale we sample another three. This time they were purchased from the Worthing Waitrose store, which I note seem to more expensive that most unfortunately. Maybe that is something to do with the government’s increased tax they ave imposed on us all.

Anyway, on to the beers. In this show we sampled the very lovely Thornbridge Brewery’s Jaipur which I was thrilled to discover was a very hoppy beer, similar to Hop Wallop by the Victory Brewing Company in the USA we had when we were over there. I do like a nice kick in the hop department.

Next up was the Hogs Back Brewery, a celebratory ales for the Queens 60th year as monarch. This was called Majestea. It was in fact a spruced up version of their T.E.A ale with an increased in alcoholic content of 10% to a lovely 5.2%. It was rich, deep and malty and I did enjoy that.

Finally we had the Meantime Brewery’s London Stout and after a little debate between the difference of a stout and a porter, we found this pretty good, although Jimmy wasn’t as delighted with it as I was.

Enjoy the show, we also discuss car parking, the merits and complications of WordPress websites and the joy of researching the old historic directories for the Bald Explorer episode I am working on.

Looking for the House of Correction

May 04

Richard and Jimmy are again in Petworth fully engaged in their research for the next Bald Explorer episode which will available on the Bald Explorer website. In this podcast, after a general discussion about the merits and delights of the buildings to be found in this lovely old market town in West Sussex, the boys are off in search of the old House of Correction. It was the Bridewell or Prison and was a grim places complete with treadmill and handcrank for prisoners use.

The Bombing of the Petworth School

May 04

In 1942 a stray bomb hit the old boys school in Petworth resulting in the deaths of 28 children and 2 teachers. The school has been build by the third Earl of Egremont in the early 19th century in North Street, very close to Petworth House. Richard and Jimmy got to investigate this tragic event and look for the graves of these boys in a disused grave yard.

The Vobes Show 1832

Apr 22

Its the Beer Show with Richard and Jimmy and by the end of it we get rather merry.

The Vobes Show 1831

Apr 13

Is Crowdfunding the way to go to make money for a project like the Bald Explorer and have you bought and Hope yet?

Vobes Show 1830

Apr 12

Have you ever got stuck in a wardrobe and what would you do if you had?

The Vobes Show 1829

Apr 11

The Titantic, are we not fed up with all the stuff about it?

Vobes Show 1828

Apr 06

It’s yet another beer show with Jimmy and we have some rather interesting real ales to consume and cheese and even a selection of lovely jams too.

Vobes Show 1827

Mar 31

Jimmy and I are back in the beach hut and we are tasting some interesting beers. We have some thing by Titanic brewery that has a supermarket’s name on it, an ale from Dark Star and Green Kings Suffolk Springer.

Vobes Show 1826

Mar 15

It’s another beer show and Jimmy has selected a few beers from Marks and Spenser for us to try. He also tells us of the odd subject of his latest book – not for prudes, I might add.