My Book – Part 1

May 05

This is a reading from my book, Splidge, the Cragflinger, a children’s book aimed at the 9-12 age range.  It is a 20 minute except as an introduction to the more full audio book that will be available later in the year.

The book started life as a book for young children, but encouraged to adapt it into something more fully developed I up scaled the language and re-worked the plot. Now I like to think of it for all the family, not just for children. You can be the judge of that, of course.

The Land of Gud where the book is set is in terrible squalor. Money has run out. The King is hanging on to his Kingdom by the ends of his fingernails. There is one event that might save the population from ruin, but he needs to advertise to find a special person to help him.

Splidge is a young boy of 12, he has come of age and in search of work. It seems predictable he might be the perfect choice for the King, but there is someone who doesn’t wish this event to go in favour of the Royal Gud…